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What is it?

Pharmaceutical compounding (done in a quality-controlled compounding laboratory) is the creation of a pharmaceutical product to suit the required needs of a patient. It may be necessary to change the medication from a solid to a liquid, to avoid a non-essential ingredient if a patient has an allergy, or to obtain the exact dose(s).

There are many reasons to change or create medications to tailor them to patients’ requirements, it is a specialty skill and requires a special laboratory with special equipment.

The most important asset to compounding is the quality of the ingredients. There are many variances on quality but the ingredients used by Hamilton’s are of the highest quality standards. Our guide is our governing body, the PCCA, which makes sure standards and quality are met through training, education, equipment, devices and importantly ingredients.

Hamilton’s is a PCCA member and with this comes great pride and passion towards the skill of compounding and the quality of our products is proof of this.

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“A good healer cannot depend on skill alone. The healer must have the correct attitude, sensitivity,
compassion and a sense of responsibility.” Your health is our passion.

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Hamilton’s focus is on doing whatever we can as a professional team to create the best possible treatment to optimise therapies and outcomes. We use High-Quality Ingredients in our On-site Laboratory to provide the High-Quality Service you deserve. Superior Help, Proven Excellence.