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Terms,Policies and Conditions

Compounding is a specialised service and each product is hand-made individually for each patient in our onsite laboratory so payment is required prior to manufacture.

Compounds are unique and individualised, No refund is available once the product has been made so we like to confirm with each transaction the product is required and all its components of use are fully understood.

We hope this does not offend as great love and care and the highest quality ingredient goes into each manufacture of product and a refund is just not possible once choice has been made and ingredient has been used.

Hamilton’s does its best to manufacture compounds within 24 hours of payment, if there is a delay with any specific ingredient we do our best to order from our highest quality wholesalers and make as soon as possible.

Hamilton’s has the highest quality standards and uses the highest quality ingredient.


What Our Clients Say!

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Hamilton’s focus is on doing whatever we can as a professional team to create the best possible treatment to optimise therapies and outcomes. We use High-Quality Ingredients in our On-site Laboratory to provide the High-Quality Service you deserve. Superior Help, Proven Excellence.