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Hamilton’s Inflam ultra


Our unique capsules help to relieve acute and chronic symptoms of inflammation (back pain, sciatica and pain due to injuries) and may also aid in the prevention of inflammatory  cells causing fatigue in muscles and damage to cells. Can be used on a regular basis and may even aid in the reduction or cessation of the need for other synthetic pain management.

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Each Capsule contains: L-Glutathione, principal Curcuminoid , Flavonol (plant derived), Magnesium,  Co-factors.

(Ultra – contains the greatest concentration of curcuminoid principal for maximum inflammation reduction related to chronic pain)

Dosage: Take ONE capsule daily and when pain is flared increase to TWICE DAILY for a few days then reduce to maintenance dose thereafter.

(Vitamins can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin intake is inadequate, Vitamins should not replace a balanced diet)