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Frequently Asked Questions

As with some private wholesaler prescriptions that are ready made from pharmacies, compounding is also private and not covered by Medicare or Concession. If you have private health, depending on your cover, some of the price of the compound may be able to be refunded. We print you a large receipt to submit for claiming if required.

With compounding the price per month becomes cheaper the more we make. For example, if we make 100 capsules and you take 1 per day then the 3.5 months’ supply is usually cheaper than a general script dispensed under Medicare, which is now $41.30 for 2021.

Somebody can collect your prescription on your behalf as long as you notify us of the person and their details, so we can be sure you receive your medication safely and under the correct conditions. If the medication is a schedule 8 then the person collecting must show a driver’s license as proof of identity with your authorisation to collect.

We compound with >98% ingredients of an assured quality and standard to make sure that what we compound has been made fresh, and to our high standards. We do not use outside ingredients as we cannot be sure of the ingredients’ conditions and stability, or how it has been kept. This ensures our product that is given to you is stable and of high quality.

Hamilton’s make everything fresh onsite within a 24 to 48-hour turnaround, unless there is a delay in an ingredient or container that your compound needs to be completed, and then we will always keep you informed. We order from Australian wholesalers so transit time when waiting on something is overnight during the week. We always do our best to ensure that there is no delay, but if there is for any reason, then the delay is always communicated to you.

Please telephone or email a request or prescription photo to be compounded. Make sure you give us your contact details and we will call you to let you know the price. We take payment before we make your individual product freshly for you and you can do that many ways, via credit card, direct deposit or in-store. Once we receive payment, your order goes into our clean room laboratory to get made. Then we text you on your preferred contact number for you to collect.

All our ingredients are >98% purity; some prescription compounds may come from a non-natural source but are pure and with most coming from a natural source that is the same as our body produces hormonally or cellularly, or from a plant origin. We compound gluten free and plant base requests. All our capsules are lactose free.

At Hamilton’s we tailor make to your requirements, using the best ingredients available to make sure the treatment outcome is optimal.

At least half of our compounding is for beloved pets of all shapes and sizes. We have an onsite Veterinary Pharmacist who can create a formula specific for your pet, answer your questions as to what ingredients may be okay for you but not for your pet, and fill your veterinary prescriptions as requested. All are done with the specific flavours that your pet loves, making dosing easy and compliant.

Custom Micro-nutrient & Treatment Plans

A creation of clinical and truly natural formulations.

“A good healer cannot depend on skill alone. The healer must have the correct attitude, sensitivity,
compassion and a sense of responsibility.” Your health is our passion.

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Hamilton’s focus is on doing whatever we can as a professional team to create the best possible treatment to optimise therapies and outcomes. We use High-Quality Ingredients in our On-site Laboratory to provide the High-Quality Service you deserve. Superior Help, Proven Excellence.