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Athletic Performance

Sport Specific Custom Care

Chamois Pro Cream perfect for long rides and comfort. Protect, hydrate and offers comfort for hour after hour and day after day. Make riding enjoyable or even use as a protective barrier in whatever sport you want to endure comfortably.

Creation of Custom made products being sport specific giving the performance edge or just making the journey enjoyable every time.

Many essential elements can help to relieve acute and chronic symptoms of inflammation (back pain, sciatica and pain due to injuries) and may also aid in the prevention of inflammatory damage. This inflammation causes fatigue and reduces athletic performance.  Reduce the inflammation, protect the cells with anti-oxidants and improve the performance outcome.

Products we hand-make are natural, ASADA approved pure ingredients and high quality standard of manufacture.

Tailor made and specific for your sporting journey whether it be amateur or professional we can custom design and make a product for you.

Custom Micronutrients

Greater than 98% pure ingredients, tailor made specifically in a customised formula, with great results told and shown from many customers, who have been using it over many years as their ONE per Day multi that covers all their needs.

Featured Products

The complete range of Hamilton’s Compounding Products have spent years in development and offer the best in natures medicine designed to help heal and assist your body.

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Custom Micro-nutrient & Treatment Plans

A creation of clinical and truly natural formulations.

“A good healer cannot depend on skill alone. The healer must have the correct attitude, sensitivity,
compassion and a sense of responsibility.” Your health is our passion.

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Hamilton’s focus is on doing whatever we can as a professional team to create the best possible treatment to optimise therapies and outcomes. We use High-Quality Ingredients in our On-site Laboratory to provide the High-Quality Service you deserve. Superior Help, Proven Excellence.